2016-10-29 – Volume 02 Episode 72

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The Kinks “Nothing To Say” from Kinks In Mono (2011) — Originally released in 1969 on “Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire)”

Television “The Dreams Dream” from Adventure (2003 Remaster) (2003) — Originally released in 1978

Miles Over Matter “Something’s Happening Here” from Another Splash Of Colour – New Psychedelia in Britain 1980-1985 (2016) New — Originally released in 1982 on the compilation “A Splash Of Colour”

The Flaming Lips “Bad Days” from Lightning Strikes The Postman (2016) New — Alternate mix of the album “Clouds Tastes Metallic”

Swans “Better than you” from White Light from the Mouth of Infinity (1991)

Modest Mouse “Alone Down There” from The Moon and Antarctica (2000)

Bob Dylan “Melancholy Mood” from Melancholy Mood (2016) New — Single from the album “Fallen Angels”

Tindersticks “Like Only Lovers Can” from The Waiting Room (2016)

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals “Call It What It Is” from Call It What It Is (2016) New

Indigo Girls “Three Country Highway” from Despite Our Differences (2006)

Arrogance “To See Her Smile” from Wayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music (2016) — Originally released on 1973 on “Give Us A Break”

Fruit Bats “It Must Be Easy” from Absolute Loser (2016) New

The Sword “Ghost Eye (Acoustic)” from Low Country (2016) New

The Good, The Bad & The Queen “History Song” from The Good, the Bad & the Queen (2007)

Aesop Waits “Coffee Out West” from Tom Shall Pass (2014)

Brownout “Stormy weather” from Oozy (2012)

Grand Ole Party “New Medication” from Under Our Skin (2011)

Supergrass “What Went Wrong (In Your Head)” from Supergrass (1999)

Arcade Fire “The Well and the Lighthouse” from Neon Bible (2007)

Atomic Rooster “Banstead” from Atomic Roooster (1970)

The Special AKA “The Lonely Crowd” from In the Studio (2002 Remaster) (2002) — Originally released in 1984

Mouse on the Keys “the lonely crowd” from the flowers of romance (2015)

Tigerman WOAH! “Lowlife” from Tigerman WOAH! (2016) New

Wolfmother “Joker and the Thief” from Homegrown (2016) New — Originally released in 2005 on “Wolfmother”

The Thermals “The Great Dying” from We Disappear (2016)

Mogwai “Stanley Kubrick” from Central Belters (2015) — Originally released in 1999 on “EP”

Charlie Pollack “The Man Who Sold the World” from Lazarus (Original Cast Recording) (2016) New

Miles Davis “So What” from Miles Ahead (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2016) New