2016-11-05 – Volume 02 Episode 73

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Du Blonde “Raw Honey” from Welcome Back to Milk (2015)

Santigold “Chasing shadows” from 99 Cents (2016)

Beck “Clap Hands” from Guero (2005)

Gabor Szabo “Spellbinder” from Spellbinder (1966)

Waxahatchee “The Dirt” from Ivy Tripp (2015)

Andrew Bird “Puma” from Are You Serious (2016)

MGMT “Cool Song No. 2” from MGMT (2013)

Wavves “Heavy Metal Detox” from v (2015)

The Wolfhounds “The Anti-Midas Touch” from C87 (2016) New — Originally released as a single in 1986

Jackson C Frank “Blues Run the Game” from Jackson C Frank (1965)

Gary Higgins “Last Great Sperm Whale” from Red Hash (1973)

The Black Twig Pickers & Jack Rose “Kensington Blues” from Jack Rose & The Black Twig Pickers (2009)

Wake the Dead “Touch of Grey / Jack the Lad / Boys of Malin / Trip to Windsor” from Wake The Dead (2000)

Giacomo Bondi Featuring The Apple Pies “Eleanor Rigby (The Apple Pies Version)” from Lounge Tribute To The Beatles (2011)

Tom Petty “Big Weekend (Demo Version)” from Highway Companion (Special Edition) (2006)

Allen Toussaint “Waltz For Debby” from American Tunes (2016) New

Bill Evans “Baubles, Bangles & Beads [Trio]” from Some Other Time: The Lost Session from The Black Forest (2016) New

Miles Davis Quintet “Footprints (Master Take)” from Freedom Jazz Dance: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 5 (2016) New — Recorded at the Columbia 30th Street Studio in New York, October 25, 1966

S. Mos Sextet “Grand Papa Funk” from Head Rush (2014)

Frank Zappa “Strictly Genteel” from ZAPPAtite (Frank Zappa’s Tastiest Tracks) (2016) New — Originally released in 1987 on “London Symphony Orchestra – Zappa Vol. II”

Thee Headcoatees “Swallow My Pride” from Rough Trade Shops Covers Vol.1 (2016) New

Desert Sessions “Eccentric Man” from Vol IV / Hard Walls And Little Trips (1998)

Iggy Pop “Break Into Your Heart” from Post Pop Depression – Live at The Royal Albert Hall (2016) New

Baroness “Bullhead’s Psalm” from Blue Record (2009)

Baroness “Bullhead’s Lament” from Blue Record (2009)

Apocalyptica “Nothing Else Matters (Live In Munich)” from Cult [Special Edition] (2000)

The Protomen “Breaking out” from Act II: The Father of Death (2009)