2017-02-11: Volume 02 Episode 87

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Aesop Rock “Leisureforce” from Skelethon (2012)

Greg Trooper “Little Sister” from Noises In The Hallway (1996)

Bob Dylan “I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) (1966-05-14 Liverpool, England)” from The 1966 Live Recordings (2016) New

Alessi’s Ark “Ribbon Lakes” from Notes from the Treehouse (2009)

Steve Earle “Copperhead Road” from Copperhead Road (1988)

Regina Spektor “Sailor Song” from Soviet Kitsch (2004)

Cherry Glazerr “Lucid Dreams” from Apocalipstick (2017) New

PJ Harvey “Medicinals” from The Hope Six Demolition Project (2016)

AIR “Roger Song” from Twentyears (2016)

Upcdownc “La dolce vita” from Black Sea (2013)

Psychic Ills “I Don’t Mind” from Inner Journey Out (2016)

Psychic Ills “No Worry” from Inner Journey Out (2016)

The Turtles “Like a Rolling Stone” from It Ain’t Me Babe (1965) — Original artist: Bob Dylan

Babbity Blue “Don’t Make Me (Fall In Love With You)” from Love Hit Me! – Decca Beat Girls 1962-1970 (2016) — Originally released in 1965 as a single.

Twinkle “Golden Lights” from Love Hit Me! – Decca Beat Girls 1962-1970 (2016) — Originally released in 1965 as a single.

Rote Kapelle “These Animals Are Dangeroos” from These Animals Are Dangeroos (1986)

The Creation “Painter Man” from Our Music Is Red – With Purple Flashes (1998) — Originally released in 1966 as a single.

La Sera “Time to Go” from Music for Listening to Music To (2016)

Tindersticks “Hey Lucinda” from The Waiting Room (2016)

Tindersticks “Were We Once Lovers?” from The Waiting Room (2016)

Stereolab “The Brush Descends the Length” from Aluminum Tunes (1998) — Originally released in 1995 on “Music For The Amorphous Body Study Center”

The Bamboos “Avenger” from Fever In The Road (2013)

The Bamboos “Golden Rough” from Step It Up (2006)

Grupo Fantasma “Cumbia de los pajaritos” from Sonidos Gold (2008)

Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian Quesada “The Alchemist Manifesto” from The Alchemist Manifesto (2008)

The Twilight Singers “Waves” from Dynamite Steps (2011)

Cloud Nothings “Enter Entirely” from Life Without Sound (2017) New

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis “Robbery” from Hell or High Water (2016) New

Mogwai “Tzar” from Atomic (2016)

Spirit “Elijah” from Spirit [2004 Remaster] (2004) — Originally released in 1968