Wonderland 2017-10-21: Volume 02 Episode 121

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Wake the Dead “White Room” from Deal (2016) — Original artist: Cream

Surfer Blood “I Melt With You” from Covers (2017) New — Original artist: Modern English

Fruit Bats “Absolute Loser” from Absolute Loser (2016)

Brand New “Could Never Be Heaven” from Science Fiction (2017) New

Christine Owman “Land Beyond Land ” from When On Fire (2016)

Pond “30000 Megatons” from The Weather (2017) New

Pere Ubu “Big Ed’s Used Farms” from Song Of The Bailing Man (1982)

Garfunkel and Oates “Fadeaway” from Secretions (2016)

Great White “No Quarter” from Great Zeppelin – A Tribute To Led Zeppelin (2004) — Original artist: Led Zeppelin

Grave Digger “No Quarter” from The Music Remains the Same (2003) — Original artist: Led Zeppelin

Testface “No Quarter” from From the Land of the Ice and Snow – The Songs of Led Zeppelin (2010) — Original artist: Led Zeppelin

Dread Zeppelin “No Quarter” from No Quarter Pounder (1995) — Original artist: Led Zeppelin

Nuspirit Helsinki “No Quarter” from Rewind! 5 (2006) — Original artist: Led Zeppelin

The Magnetic Fields “83: Foxx and I” from 50 Song Memoir (2017) New

Agent Fresco “Mono No Aware” from Destrier (Bonus Track Edition) (2015)

Foxy Shazam “The Only Way To My Heart…” from Foxy Shazam (2010)

Wavves “Animal” from You’re Welcome (2017) New

Wavves “You’re Welcome” from You’re Welcome (2017) New

Thomas Wynn and The Believers “You Can’t Hurt Me” from Wade Waist Deep (2017) New

Thomas Wynn and The Believers “Burn As One” from Wade Waist Deep (2017) New

Billy Woods “Fall Back” from Known Unknowns (2017) New

Ibeyi “When Will I Learn (feat. Chilly Gonzales)” from Ash (2017) New

Four Tet “Lush” from New Energy (2017) New

Tindersticks “CF GF (Original Demo Version)” from Simple Pleasure [2004 Remaster] (2004) New

Mandrill “Love Song” from Fencewalk: The Anthology (1997) — Originally released in 1973 on “Just Outside Of Town”

The Beat “March Of The Swivel Heads (Extended)” from B.P.M … Beats.Per.Minute (1996) — Originally released in 1982 on the 12″ version of “Jeanette”