Volume 03 Episode 43 – A Manic Mechanic

Air Date: 2019-04-02

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Tom Waits “I Can’t Wait To Get Off Work (And See My Baby On Montgomery Avenue)” from Small Change [2018 Remaster] 2018 – Originally released in 1976.

Jessica Pratt “As The World Turns” from Quiet Signs 2019

Deerhunter “Element” from Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? 2019

Mighty Purple “Power Song” from Bohica 1994

David Bowie “Time Will Crawl (2018 Version)” from Loving the Alien (1983–1988) 2018

King Tuff “Raindrop Blue” from The Other 2018

Modest Mouse “Poison the Well” from Poison the Well 2019

Guided By Voices “Holy Rhythm” from Zeppelin Over China 2019

The Passions “I’m In Love With A German Film Star” from I’m In Love With A German Film Star 1981

Jarboe “This Is Life, Meridiem” from The Men Album 2005

Ibibio Sound Machine “She Work Very Hard” from Doko Mien 2019

LTF “Kalypso” from Jazzvolution Chapter Two 2019

Mouse on Mars “Tear To My Eye” from Dimensional People 2018

The Rebels of Tijuana “Strange effect” from Asile 2018