Volume 03 Episode 85 – Who Held Me Dying

Air Date: 2020-02-11

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Leonard Cohen “Moving On” from Thanks for the Dance 2019 N

Wax “Diamond in the Rough” from B.A.A.A. 2019 N

Steve Miller Band “Macho City (Short Version)” from Welcome To The Vault 2019 N

Solid Bronze “Like That Ol’ Saying Goes” from The Fruit Basket 2019 N

Snarky Puppy “Bigly Strictness” from Immigrance 2019

Deep Feeling “Welcome for a Soldier” from Lullabies for Catatonics: A Journey Through the British Avant-Pop/Art Rock Scene 1967-74 2019 V/A Originally released in 1971 on “Deep Feeling”

Goat “All-seeing Eye” from Requiem 2016

Yazz Ahmed “Ruby Bridges” from Polyhymnia 2019 N

St Germain “So Flute” from Tourist 2000