Random Access Music 2020-04-07

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Asher Roth “Be By Myself (Ft. Cee-Lo)” from Asleep in the Bread Aisle 2009

Pete Shelley “Homosapien (Dub)” from Late Night Tales: Belle and Sebastian (Volume 2) 2012 N Originally released in 1981 on “Homosapien”

Jethro Tull “Slipstream” from Aqualung: 40th Anniversary 2011 Originally released in 1971

Big Star “When My Baby’s Beside Me (Alternate Mix, 1972)” from Nothing Can Hurt Me 2013

Billy Idol “Love Calling” from Billy Idol 1982

Laibach “War” from Occupied Europe Nato Tour 1994-95 2000

Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra “A Hundred Years From Today” from Big Bands 2006 Recorded February 24, 1934

Gustafer Yellowgold/The Pop Ups “Space Oddity” from Let All The Children Boogie: A Tribute To David Bowie 2016 N Original artist: David Bowie

Radiohead “You” from Pablo Honey [2009 Deluxe Reissue] 2009 Originally released in 1993

The Velvet Underground “Venus in Furs” from Live MCMXCIII 1993

The Maytals “Pressure Drop” from Best of: Maytals 2016 Originally released in 1970 on “Monkey Man”

Sun Kil Moon “Chapter 87 Of He” from This Is My Dinner 2018

Foetus “Mon Agonie Douce” from Love 2005

Tool “Flood” from Undertow [2019 Remaster] 2019Originally released in 1993

They Might Be Giants “Sleepwalkers” from No! (Deluxe Edition) 2012

Ozzy Osbourne and Motörhead “I Ain’t No Nice Guy” from Prince Of Darkness 2005 Originally released in 1992 on “March ör Die” by Motörhead

Rush “How It Is” from Vapor Trails Remixed 2013

Fleetwood Mac “Just Crazy Love” from Mystery to Me 1973

Frank Zappa and The Mothers with Captain Beefheart “Cucamonga” from Bongo Fury [2012 Remaster] 2012 Originally released in 1975

Ultimate Spinach “(Ballad Of) The Hip Death Goddess” from Ultimate Spinach 1967

Calexico “Missing” from Black Light 1998

Bob Dylan “Baby, Let Me Follow You Down” from The 1966 Live Recordings 2016Recorded 1966-04-29 Stockholm, Sweden

Sarah Silverman “Goodnight Ah, Men (excerpt)” from Songs Of The Sarah Silverman Program – From Our Rears to Your Ears 2010

Holger Czukay “Mutability (A New Beginning Is in the Offing)” from Flux & Mutability 1989