Random Access Music – 2020-08-04

Listen to the broadcast using the media player above or download a copy through this link.

Gryphon “Flash in the Pantry” from Treason 1977

Mogwai “Visit Me” from ZEROZEROZERO (A Mogwai Soundtrack) 2020 N

Van Halen “Finish What Ya Started” from Live: Right Here, Right Now 1993

Grateful Dead “Viola Lee Blues (Edited Version)” from The Golden Road 2001

The Cure “I’m Cold” from Jumping Someone Else’s Train 1979

The Irish Rovers “The Biplane Evermore” from The Biplane Evermore 1968

Anibal Velasquez y Su Conjunto “Cecilia” from Mambo Loco 2010

The Charlatans “Alabama Bound” from San Francisco 1969 1969

Norman Blake “Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase” from Lighthouse On The Shore 1985

Fleet Foxes “He Doesn’t Know Why (Basement Demo)” from First Collection 2006 – 2009 2018

Jane’s Addiction “Then She Did (Album Version)” from Classic Girl 1991

Jim James “Lucky Man” from Tribute To 2 2017 Original artist: Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Psychic Ills “Ra Wah Wah” from Inner Journey Out 2016

Iron & Wine & Calexico “Father Mountain” from Years to Burn 2019

The Byrds “Truck Stop Girl” from (Untitled) / (Unissued) [2000 Reissue] 2000 Originally released in 1970

Dr. Feelgood “Roadrunner” from Looking Back 1995

Waxahatchee “Brass Beam” from Out In The Storm 2017

Earthling Society “The Kosmik Suite” from Zen Bastard 2017

Oceansize “Silent/Transparent (8:29)” from Self Preserved While the Bodies Float Up 2010

Iron Maiden “Age of Innocence” from Dance of Death 2003

Erick The Architect “V.M.” from Arcstrumentals, Vol. 2 2018

The Jam “Man in the Corner Shop” from Sound Affects 1977

The Crippled Frogs “Captain Parrot and the Mission to Mars” from Ragtime, Liquors and Headaches 2017

Deborah Harry “I Want That Man” from I Want That Man 1989

PALLBEARER “A Plea for Understanding” from Heartless 2017