WESU Middletown’s Favorite Songs

WESU is putting together a list of their Favorite Songs! We’d love for our listeners to participate and to share the music that enriches their lives.

Listeners can share their 20 favorite songs via the ballot at this link: http://www.wesufm.org/favorite-songs

Voting is open through April 15th, 2021.

The ballot requires you to submit the song title, recordings artist, and release title. Comments are optional – but they are strongly encouraged!

Once you start filling out the form, you’ll need to complete it in one sitting. It’ll be helpful if you put your list together on paper / in a text document first so you can easily enter it into the form.

Random Questions and Answers:
Q: How should I rank them?
A: #1 should be your favorite and #50 should be your least-favorite of your top #20. If you’re struggling to sort them, don’t! This is supposed to be a fun exercise, not torture!

Q: How will the ballots be counted?
A: Every song on every ballot will be awarded points based on its ranking. We’ll aggregate them into a master list sorted by combined points.

Q: What if some of my favorite songs are embarrassing or not appropriate for WESU airplay?
A: Live your truth! This is about sharing with the music that makes us feel happy, connected, proud, alive, electrified, etc! Share what you love!