Volume 03 Episode 156 – Celebrating Gary Numan

A celebration of Gary Numan with selections from Tubeway Army, Paul Gardiner, and his solo catalog.

Air Date: 2021-06-29

Listen to the broadcast using the media player above or download a copy through this link.

Tubeway Army “The Dream Police” from Tubeway Army 1978

Tubeway Army “Down In The Park” from Replicas 1979

Gary Numan “Cars” from The Pleasure Principle 1979

Paul Gardiner “Stormtrooper In Drag” from Stormtrooper in Drag 1981

Gary Numan “Music for Chameleons” from I, Assassin 1982

Gary Numan “My Dying Machine” from Berserker 1984

Gary Numan “Dream Killer” from Outland 1991

Gary Numan “Bleed” from Sacrifice 1994

Gary Numan “Slave” from Jagged 2006

Gary Numan “When The Sky Bleeds, He Will Come” from Dead Son Rising 2011

Gary Numan “We’re The Unforgiven” from Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind) 2013

Gary Numan “Not The Love We Dream Of (Piano Version)” from Dead Son Rising 2011