Volume 03 Episode 165 – Search and Recover: In the Pines

An hour of versions of “In the Pines” with selections from The Kossoy Sisters with Erik Darling, Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys, The Louvin Brothers, J.E. Mainer’s Mountaineers, Loretta Lynn, Dave Van Ronk, Nathan Abshire and His Pine Grove Boys, The Four Pennies, The Pretty Things, Leadbelly, Mark Lanegan, Nirvana, WZRD, Sleigh Bells, and Link Wray.

Air Date: 2021-08-31

Listen to the broadcast using the media player above or download a copy through this link.

The Kossoy Sisters with Erik Darling “In The Pines” from Bowling Green And Other Folk Songs From The Southern Mountains 1956

Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys “In The Pines” from Blue Yodel No. 7 / In The Pines 1941

The Louvin Brothers “In The Pines” from Tragic Songs Of Life 1956

J.E. Mainer’s Mountaineers “The Longest Train” from East Virginia Blues (When The Sun Goes Down Series) 2008 V/A Recorded in 1936.

Loretta Lynn “In the Pines” from Full Circle 2016

Dave Van Ronk “In The Pines” from Dave Van Ronk Sings Ballads, Blues & A Spiritual 1959

Nathan Abshire & His Pine Grove Boys “Crying Pine Grove Blues” from French Blues 1993 Recorded in 1949.

The Four Pennies “Black Girl” from Black Girl 1964

The Pretty Things “Black Girl” from Bare As Bone, Bright As Blood 2020

Leadbelly “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” from Absolutely the Best 2000 Recorded in 1944.

Mark Lanegan “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” from The Winding Sheet 1990

Nirvana “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?” from MTV Unplugged in New York 1994

WZRD “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?” from WZRD 2012

Sleigh Bells “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” from Where Did You Sleep Last Night 2019

Link Wray “In The Pines” from Beans And Fatback 1973