Volume 03 Episode 172 – Celebrating The Damned

An hour-long celebration of The Damned

Air Date: 2021-10-26

Listen to the broadcast using the media player above or download a copy through this link.

The Damned “New Rose (Peel Session 1976-11-30)” from Damned Damned Damned [30th Anniversary Expanded Edition] 2007 Recorded for the BBC / John Peel Session, November 11, 1976

The Damned “Smash It Up (Part I)” from Machine Gun Etiquette 1979

The Damned “Smash It Up (Part II)” from Machine Gun Etiquette 1979

The Damned “I Just Can’t Be Happy Today [Live]” from The Black Album (Deluxe Version) 1980 Recorded at Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, July 26, 1980

The Damned “The History Of The World (Part 1)” from The Radio One Sessions 1996 Recorded for the BBC / Mike Read Session, October 9, 1980

The Damned “Under The Floor Again” from Strawberries 1982

The Damned “There’ll Come A Day” from Phantasmagoria: Expanded Edition 1985

The Damned “In Dulce Decorum” from Anything 1986

The Damned “Would You Be So Hot (If You Weren’t Dead?)” from Grave Disorder 2001

The Damned “A Nation Fit For Heroes” from So, Who’s Paranoid? 2008

The Damned “Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow” from Evil Spirits 2018

The Damned “I Don’t Care” from Evil Spirits 2018

The Damned “Black Is The Night” from The Rockfield Files 2020

The Damned “Eloise” from Anything: Expanded Edition 2009 Original artist: Barry Ryan. Previously released as a 12″ in 1986.