Volume 03 Episode 193 – Sir Jon Visits

Air Date: 2022-03-22

Listen to the broadcast using the media player above or download a copy through this link.

The Divine Comedy “Generation Sex” from Charmed Life: The Best of the Divine Comedy 2022 N Originally released in 1998 on “Fin De Siècle”.

Aesop Rock x Blockhead “Defender (Blockhead Remix) [Instrumental]” from The Recycling Bin 2022 N

Röyksopp “Ice Machine” from Lost Tapes 2021 N Original artist: Susanne Sundfør and Svein Berge.

Marisa Anderson & William Tyler “Something Will Come” from Lost Futures 2021

Jim James “Hide in Plain Sight” from Eternally Even 2016

Dirtwire “Green Eyes” from Embers 2022 N

Margo Price “That’s How Rumors Get Started” from That’s How Rumors Get Started 2020

Big Thief “Simulation Swarm” from Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You 2022 N

Matt Berry “Summer Sun” from Gather Up 2021 N Originally released in 2021 on “The Blue Elephant”.

Trees “Geordie” from Trees (50th Anniversary Edition) 2020 Originally released in 1970 on “On The Shore”.

Winterfylleth “The Shepherd” from The Hallowing of Heirdom 2018