Volume 03 Episode 206 – You Are Not A Broken Thing

A celebration of transgender, genderqueer, and nonbinary artists with selections from Wendy Carlos, Du Blonde, The Cliks, Against Me!, Ryan Cassata, Girlpool, Sophie, Arca, Dorian Electra ,Tunde Olaniran, AhMerAhSu, Janelle Monae, and In Love With a Ghost.

Air Date: 2022-06-28

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Wendy Carlos “Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 – I. Allegro” from Switched-On Bach 1968
Du Blonde “After the Show” from Welcome Back To Milk 2015
Du Blonde “I’m Glad That We Broke Up (feat. Ezra Furman)” from Homecoming 2021
The Cliks “4 Letter Words” from Black Tie Elevator 2013
Against Me! “Delicate, Petite & Other Things I’ll Never Be” from Shape Shift with Me 2016
Ryan Cassata “The Witches Made Me Do It” from The Witches Made Me Do It 2020
Girlpool “See Me Now” from Forgiveness 2022 N
SOPHIE “It’s Okay to Cry” from Oil of Every Pearl’s Un – Insides 2018
Arca “Nonbinary” from KiCk i 2020
Dorian Electra “My Agenda (feat. Village People & Pussy Riot)” from My Agenda 2020
Tunde Olaniran “Jean Grey” from Jean Grey – Single 2019
Ah-Mer-Ah-Su “Temperamental” from Hopefully Limitless – EP 2021
Janelle MonĂ¡e “Pynk (feat. Grimes)” from Dirty Computer 2018
In Love With a Ghost “Trans Rights” from Playful Spirits 2020
In Love With a Ghost “Funfunfun” from Playful Spirits 2020