Volume 03 Episode 218 – This Is Strange

Selections from The Damned, Bongwater, Tin Machine, Cracker, Morphine, Dead Can Dance, Radiohead, Dar Williams, Space, Hole, David Bowie, and My Morning Jacket.

Air Date: 2022-09-20

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The Damned “New Rose” from Damned Damned Damned 1977

Bongwater “Obscene & Pornographic Art” from The Power Of Pussy 1990

Tin Machine “Shopping For Girls” from Tin Machine II 1991

Cracker “Satisfy You” from Cracker 1992

Morphine “Cure for Pain” from Cure for Pain 1993

Dead Can Dance “American Dreaming (Live) [Remastered]” from Toward the Within 1994

Radiohead “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” from The Bends 1995

Dar Williams “As Cool as I Am” from Mortal City 1996

Ween “It’s Gonna Be (Alright)” from The Mollusk 1997

Hole “Petals” from Celebrity Skin 1998

David Bowie “If I’m Dreaming My Life” from ‘Hours…’ 1999

My Morning Jacket “In Color” from My Morning Jacket 2021

My Morning Jacket “Least Expected” from My Morning Jacket 2021

Volume 03 Episode 217 – Slipped Her Iron Chain

Air Date: 2022-09-13

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Toy Dolls “Nellie The Elephant” from Nellie The Elephant 1982

Creeper “Paradise” from Sex, Death & the Infinite Void 2020

Pearl Jam “Yellow Ledbetter” from 2022/05/12 Oakland Arena, Oakland, California 2022 N

Broken Social Scene “All My Friends” from Old Dead Young (B-Sides & Rarities) 2022 Originally released in 2006 on “To Be You And Me”

Orville Peck “Outta Time” from Bronco 2022 N

Frank Zappa “Patrick’s Erie ’76 Solo” from Zappa / Erie (Live) 2022 N Recorded live at Erie County Fieldhouse, November 12th, 1976

Neil Young “Sugar Mountain (Live)” from Royce Hall 1971 (Live) 2021 N Recorded live at Royce Hall at UCLA on January 30th, 1971

Dead and Company “Brown-Eyed Women” from 06/18/22 Folsom Field, Boulder, CO 2022 N

My Morning Jacket “Dondante” from MMJ Live Vol. 1: Live 2015 2021 Recorded live over the course of the Waterfall Tour, 2015

Volume 03 Episode 216 – No Blood in My Veins

Selections from Arthur Brown, Interpol, Crippled Black Phoenix, Ghost, All Them Witches, A Place to Bury Strangers, Crows, Funeral Sex, and Bucketheadland

Air Date: 2022-09-06

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Arthur Brown With Rick Patten “Once I Had Illusions (Part 1)” from Long Long Road 2022 N

Interpol “Mr. Credit” from The Other Side of Make-Believe 2022 N

Crippled Black Phoenix “Run Like Hell” from Us And Them – A Delicate Saucerful Of Pink Floyd Covers 2011 V/A

Ghost “Respite On The Spitalfields” from IMPERA 2022 N

All Them Witches “Alabaster” from Live on the Internet 2022 N Recorded Live at SIR (Nashville, TN)

A Place to Bury Strangers “Ringing Bells” from See Through You 2022

Crows “Garden of England” from Beware Believers 2022 N

Funeral Sex “Like Tears in Rain” from The Gods Put the Demons on Earth 2022 N

Bucketheadland “Once Upon A Distant Plane” from Once Upon A Distant Plane 2020