Volume 03 Episode 224 – The Girly to End All Girls

Selections from Mike Doughty, Soccer Mommy, Imagine Dragons, Yeasayer, Oysterhead, Sci-Fi Soldier, and Ryley Walker.

Air Date: 2022-11-08

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Mike Doughty “27 Jennifers” from Golden Delicious 2008

Mike Doughty “Looking At the World from the Bottom of a Well” from Haughty Melodic 2005

Soccer Mommy “Fire In The Driveway” from Sometimes, Forever 2022 N

Soccer Mommy “Darkness Forever” from Sometimes, Forever 2022 N

Imagine Dragons “I’m Happy” from Mercury – Acts 1 & 2 2022 N

Yeasayer “No Need to Worry” from All Hour Cymbals 2007

Oysterhead “Owner of the World” from 2022/05/01 Atlanta, GA 2022 N

Sci-Fi Soldier “Get More Down” from Get More Down 2022 N

Ryley Walker “First Tube” from Cluster Flies 2021 Original Artist: Phish

Ryley Walker “Pond Scum Ocean” from Course In Fable 2021