Volume 03 Episode 236 – A Moment or a Measure

Air Date: 2023-02-07

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Blondie “Dreaming” from Against The Odds: 1974-1982 2022 NOriginally released in 1979 on “Eat to the Beat”.

Ladytron “California” from Time’s Arrow 2022 N

Danny Elfman “Happy (Little Snake Lunar Club Edition)” from Bigger. Messier. 2022 N

!!! “Panama Canal (feat. Meah Pace)” from Let It Be Blue 2022

Edwyn Collins “The Witch Queen Of New Orleans (Long Version)” from A Casual Introduction 1981-2001 Original artist: Redbone.

Bixiga 70 “4 Cantos” from Quebra Cabeça 2018

Death Valley Girls “Under the Spell of Joy” from Under the Spell of Joy 2020

Queensrÿche “Rebel Yell” from Digital Noise Alliance 2022 N Original artist: Billy Idol.

Them Damn Kings “Tell Me Why” from Rise Up 2022 N

Guns N’ Roses “Locomotive (Complicity)” from Use Your Illusion (Super Deluxe) 2022 N Originally released in 1991 on “Use Your Illusion II”.

King Buffalo “Hebetation” from The Burden of Restlessness 2021

JEFF The Brotherhood “Rennaisance Moderne” from Ye Olde 2022