Volume 03 Episode 310 – Pink Frank

Covers of Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa by Robyn Hitchcock, The Mars Volta, The Chemistry Set, Ed Zero, Niki Mono and Nikolas Klau, Neil, Chandeen, Colin Barley, Captain Sensible, The Re-Stoned, Vibravoid, David Gilmour, Edmund Fitzgerald Lifeboat, Nik Turner, The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, The Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra, Mick Farren, Alternative TV, Bohuslän Big Band, Arjen Anthony Lucassen, thez3, Caballero Reynaldo, The Ed Palermo Big Band, Perico Sambeat Ensemble, and Dweezil Zappa.

Air Date: 2024-06-25

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Robyn Hitchcock “Arnold Layne” from The Man Downstairs: Demos & Rarities 2020 Non-album single by Pink Floyd in 1967, written by Syd Barrett.

The Mars Volta “Candy And A Currant Bun” from Candy And A Currant Bun 2008 B-side to “Arnold Layne”, written by Syd Barrett.

The Chemistry Set “See Emily Play” from The Many Faces of Pink Floyd: A Journey Through the Inner World of Pink Floyd 2013 Non-album single by Pink Floyd in 1967, written by Syd Barrett.

Ed Zero “Scarecrow” from Scarecrow B-side to “See Emily Play”, written by Syd Barrett.

Niki Mono & Nikolas Klau “Flaming” from Fuck Your Dreams, This Is Heaven 1990 1967 single from “Piper at the Gates of Dawn”, written by Syd Barrett.

Neil “The Gnome” from Neil’s Heavy Concept Album 1984 B-side to “Flaming”, written by Syd Barrett.

Chandeen “Apples and Oranges” from Bikes and Pyramids 2002 Non-album single by Pink Floyd in 1967, written by Syd Barrett.

Colin Barley “Paint Box” from Paint Box B-side to “Apples and Oranges”, written by Richard Wright.

Captain Sensible “It Would Be So Nice” from The Power of Love 1983 Non-album single by Pink Floyd in 1968, written by Richard Wright. First single to feature David Gilmour on guitar.

The Re-Stoned “Julia Dream” from Plasma 2012 B-side to “It Would Be So Nice”, written by Roger Waters.

Vibravoid “Let There Be More Light” from What Colour Is Pink? 2010 1968 single from “A Saucerful of Secrets”, written by Roger Waters.

David Gilmour “Remember a Day” from Later… with Jools Holland 2008 B-side to “Let There Be More Light”, written by Richard Wright.

Edmund Fitzgerald Lifeboat “Point Me At The Sky” from November 2016: Pink Floyd 2016 Non-album single by Pink Floyd in 1968, co-written by David Gilmour and Roger Waters.

Nik Turner “Careful With That Axe Eugene” from Pink Floyd Greatest Hits Covered 2010 B-side to “Point Me at the Sky”, cowritten by David Gilmour, Roger Waters, and Richard Wright.

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band “Help, I’m A Rock” from Part One 1967 1966 single from “Freak Out!” by the Mothers of Invention.

The Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra “Who Are The Brain Police?” from Bläther 2020 1966 single from “Freak Out!” by the Mothers of Invention.

Mick Farren “Trouble Coming Every Day” from Vampires Stole My Lunch Money 1978 1966 single from “Freak Out!” by the Mothers of Invention.

Alternative TV “Why Don’t You Do Me Right?” from The Image Has Cracked 1978 B-side to the Mothers of Invention’s 1967 non-album single “Big Leg Emma”.

Bohuslän Big Band “Zoot Allures” from Bohuslän Big Band Plays Zappa 2000 From Frank Zappa’s 1976 album “Zoot Allures”.

Arjen Anthony Lucassen “I’m the Slime” from Lost in the New Real: Limited 2012 1973 single from “Over-Nite Sensation” by Frank Zappa and the Mothers.

thez3 “Camarillo Brillo” from Live at Zappanale 24, Bad Doberan, Germany 2014 From Frank Zappa and the Mothers’ 1973 album “Over-Nite Sensation”.

Caballero Reynaldo “Joe’s Garage” from The Grand Kazoo 2009 1979 single from Frank Zappa’s “Joe’s Garage”.

The Ed Palermo Big Band “Chunga’s Revenge” from Oh No! Not Jazz!! 2014 From Frank Zappa’s 1970 album “Chunga’s Revenge”.

Perico Sambeat Ensemble “Peaches en Regalia” from Plays Zappa 2016 1969 singe from Frank Zappa’s “Hot Rats”.

Dweezil Zappa “The Torture Never Stops” from Return Of The Son Of 2010 From Frank Zappa’s 1976 album “Zoot Allures”.

Volume 03 Episode 309 – Chops a Eighth Just Like Benihana

Selections from Scissor Sisters, MOTHERMARY, David Hasselhoff, Paloma Faith, George FitzGerald, The Disco Biscuits, Space, Johnny Marr, Tal National, Captain Planet, Shannon And The Clams, Khruangbin, Sona Jobarteh, Dead Can Dance, Madder Mortem, Local H, New York Dolls, Meatbodies, The Libertines, Link Wray, The Dead South, The Church, Guru Guru, Upcdownc, Sunny Day Real Estate, and The Life And Times.

Air Date: 2024-06-18

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Scissor Sisters “Shady Love” from Magic Hour 2012

MOTHERMARY “Catch Fire” from I Am Your God 2022

David Hasselhoff “Open Your Eyes Feat. James Williamson” from Open Your Eyes 2019 Original artist: Lord of the New Church

Paloma Faith “Cry On The Dance Floor” from The Glorification Of Sadness 2024 N

George FitzGerald “Frieda” from All That Must Be 2018

The Disco Biscuits “Space Train” from Revolution in Motion 2024 N

Space “Growler” from Spiders 1997

Johnny Marr “New Dominions” from Call The Comet 2018

Tal National “Eyes of the World” from Day of the Dead 2016 V/A Original artist: Grateful Dead.

Captain Planet “Manman Mwan” from Mystery Trip Vol. 2 2018

Shannon And The Clams “So Lucky” from The Moon Is In The Wrong Place 2024 N

Khruangbin “May Ninth” from A La Sala 2024 N

Sona Jobarteh “Nna Mooya = Our Spirit” from Badinyaa Kumoo 2023

Dead Can Dance “The Carnival Is Over” from Into the Labyrinth 1993

Madder Mortem “Towers” from Old Eyes, New Heart 2024 N

Local H “Mayonnaise And Malaise (Radio Edit)” from Ham Fisted 1995

New York Dolls “Muddy Bones” from ‘Cause I Sez So 2009

Meatbodies “They Came Down” from Flora Ocean Tiger Bloom 2024 N

The Libertines “Be Young” from All Quiet On The Eastern Esplanade 2024 N

Link Wray “Quicksand” from Stuck In Gear 1975

The Dead South “Completely, Sweetly” from Chains & Stakes 2024 N

The Church “Sleeping For Miles” from Eros Zeta And The Perfumed Guitars 2024 N

Guru Guru “I Missed So Many Shootingstars” from Rotate! 2018

Upcdownc “End Of Every Film” from Black Sea 2013

Sunny Day Real Estate “Novum Vetus” from Diary – Live At London Bridge Studio 2024 N

The Life And Times “Dark Mavis” from The Life And Times 2017

Volume 03 Episode 308 – Double Bad Is Just Good

Selections from Baby Rose, Badbadnotgood, Kamasi Washington, Avishai Cohen Trio, Phosphorescent, Meatbodies, Nadine Shah, Czarface and MF Doom, Marmozets, Primus, Bronski Beat, Shabaka, Efrim Manuel Menuck, Church, Ghost, Herbie Hancock, Asha Puthli, Robyn Hitchcock and The Egyptians, and Roxy Music.

Air Date: 2024-06-04

Listen to the broadcast using the media player above or download a copy though this link.

Baby Rose & BADBADNOTGOOD “On My Mind” from Slow Burn – EP 2024 N

BADBADNOTGOOD “Sunday Afternoon’s Dream” from Mid Spiral: Order – EP 2024 N

BADBADNOTGOOD “Ways of Seeing” from Mid Spiral: Growth – EP 2024 N

BADBADNOTGOOD “Mid Spiral” from Mid Spiral: Chaos – EP 2024 N

Kamasi Washington & André 3000 “Dream State” from Fearless Movement 2024 N

Avishai Cohen Trio “Eleven Wives” from Gently Disturbed 2008

Phosphorescent “To Get It Right” from Revelator 2024 N

Meatbodies “Silly Cybin” from Flora Ocean Tiger Bloom 2024 N

Nadine Shah “Topless Mother” from Filthy Underneath 2023 N

CZARFACE & MF DOOM “Forever People” from Czarface Meets Metal Face 2018

Marmozets “Suffocation” from Knowing What You Know Now 2017

Primus “The Trek” from The Desaturating Seven 2017

Bronski Beat “A Flower for Dandara” from Age of Reason: Deluxe Edition 2017

Shabaka “I’ll Do Whatever You Want (feat. Floating Points & Laraaji)” from Perceive Its Beauty, Acknowledge Its Grace 2024 N

Efrim Manuel Menuck “Pissing Stars” from Pissing Stars 2018

The Church “A Face In a Film” from man woman life death infinity 2017

Ghost “Helvetesfonster” from Prequelle 2018

Herbie Hancock “First Trip (Remastered 2004)” from At Midnight: Herbie Hancock 2024 N

Asha Puthli “Right Down Here” from Asha Puthli 1973

Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians “Lady Waters & The Hooded One” from Element Of Light 1986

Roxy Music “The Bogus Man” from For Your Pleasure 1973