Volume 03 Episode 263 – Pride Showcase: Always Been Here

A Pride Showcase celebrating artists like Johnny Mathis, Lesley Gore, Dave Davies of the Kinks, Billy Preston, Andy Fraser of Free, Debbie Harry of Blondie, Laura Nyro, Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go’s, Joan Jett, Janis Ian, and Dee Palmer of Jethro Tull.

Air Date: 2023-06-27

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Johnny Mathis “Chances Are” from Chances Are / The Twelfth Of Never 1957

Lesley Gore “You Don’t Own Me (Mono)” from You Don’t Own Me 1963

Lesley Gore “Brand New Me” from He Gives Me Love (La La La) 1968

Lesley Gore “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (AC/DC)” from When Pigs Fly: Songs You Never Thought You’d Hear 2002 V/AOriginal artist: AC/DC

The Kinks “Death Of A Clown” from The Kinks At The BBC 2012

The Kinks “Till the End of the Day” from The Kink Kontroversy 1965

The Kinks “State of Confusion” from State of Confusion 1983

Billy Preston “Outa-Space” from I Wrote a Simple Song 1971

Billy Preston “Nothing from Nothing” from The Kids & Me 1974

Billy Preston “Will It Go Round in Circles” from Music Is My Life 1972

Free “I’m a Mover” from Tons of Sobs 1969

Free “All Right Now” from Fire and Water 1970

Free “Wishing Well” from Wishing Well 1972

Blondie “X Offender” from Blondie 1976

Blondie “Just Go Away” from Parallel Lines 1978

Blondie “Will Anything Happen” from Parallel Lines 1978

Laura Nyro “New York Tendaberry” from New York Tendaberry 1969

Go-Go’s “Our Lips Are Sealed” from Our Lips Are Sealed 1981

Go-Go’s “Vacation” from Vacation 1982

Go-Go’s “The Go-Go’s – We Got The Beat” from Beauty and the Beat 1981

The Runaways “Cherry Bomb” from Cherry Bomb 1976

The Runaways “Black Leather (The Runaways)” from And Now… The Runaways 1978

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts “Destination Unknown” from Endless Bummer OST 2003 Original artist: Missing Persons

Janis Ian “At Seventeen” from Between the Lines 1978

Janis Ian “Society’s Child” from Society’s Child 1967

Janis Ian “When Angels Cry” from Revenge 1995

Jethro Tull “One White Duck/O10=Nothing At All” from Minstrel in the Gallery 1975

Jethro Tull “Hunting Girl” from Songs From The Wood 1977

Jethro Tull “Heavy Horses” from Heavy Horses 1978

Volume 03 Episode 262 – Pride Showcase: Laura Jane Grace and Sleater-Kinney

A Pride month showcase featuring Laura Jane Grace, Corin Tucker, and Carrie Brownstein, with selections from Against Me! and Sleater-Kinney.

Air Date: 2023-06-20

Listen to the broadcast using the media player above or download a copy through this link.

Against Me! “Pints Of Guinness Make You Strong” from Reinventing Axl Rose 2002

Against Me! “The Politics Of Starving” from Reinventing Axl Rose 2002

Against Me! “Sink, Florida, Sink” from As The Eternal Cowboy 2003

Against Me! “Turn Those Clapping Hands Into Angry Balled Fists” from As The Eternal Cowboy 2003

Against Me! “Unprotected Sex With Multiple Partners” from Searching For A Former Clarity 2005

Against Me! “Americans Abroad” from New Wave 2007

Against Me! “Thrash Unreal” from New Wave 2007

Against Me! “Because Of The Shame” from White Crosses 2010

Laura Jane Grace “Anna is a Stool Pigeon” from Heart Burns 2008

Against Me! “Black Me Out” from Transgender Dysphoria Blues 2014

Against Me! “Delicate, Petite & Other Things I’ll Never Be” from Shape Shift With Me 2016

Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers “Born in Black” from Bought To Rot 2018

Laura Jane Grace “Why Kant I Be You?” from Stay Alive 2020

Laura Jane Grace “Electro-Static Sweep” from At War With The Silverfish 2022

Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers “Vancouver Divorce” from Good Music to Avert The Collapse Of American Democracy 2020 V/A Original artist: Gord Downie.

Sleater-Kinney “The Day I Went Away” from Sleater-Kinney 1995

Sleater-Kinney “I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone” from Call the Doctor 1996

Sleater-Kinney “A Quarter to Three” from The Hot Rock 1999

Sleater-Kinney “Dig Me Out” from Dig Me Out 1997

Sleater-Kinney “Ballad of a Ladyman” from All Hands on the Bad One 2000

Sleater-Kinney “Far Away” from One Beat 2002

Sleater-Kinney “Combat Rock” from One Beat 2002

Sleater-Kinney “Let’s Call It Love” from The Woods 2005

Sleater Kinney “Bury Our Friends” from No Cities To Love 2015

Sleater-Kinney “Hurry On Home” from The Center Won’t Hold 2019

Sleater-Kinney “High In The Grass” from Path Of Wellness 2021

Sleater-Kinney “Complex Female Characters” from Path Of Wellness 2021

Sleater-Kinney “Free Time” from Good Music To Ensure Safe Abortion Access To All 2022 V/A

Volume 03 Epsiode 261 – Pride Showcase: Indigo Girls

A Pride Month showcase featuring Indigo Girls.

Air Date: 2023-06-13

Listen to the broadcast using the media player above or download a copy through this link.

Indigo Girls “Land Of Canaan” from Strange Fire 1989

Indigo Girls “Closer To Fine” from Indigo Girls 1989

Indigo Girls “Secure Yourself” from Indigo Girls 1989

Indigo Girls “You And Me Of The 10,000 Wars” from Nomads – Indians – Saints 1990

Indigo Girls “Pushing The Needle Too Far” from Nomads – Indians – Saints 1990

Indigo Girls “Galileo” from Rites Of Passage 1992

Indigo Girls “Cedar Tree” from Rites Of Passage 1992

Indigo Girls “Fugitive” from Swamp Ophelia 1994

Indigo Girls “Power Of Two” from Swamp Ophelia 1994

Indigo Girls “Don’t Give That Girl a Gun” from Shaming of the Sun 1997

Indigo Girls “Everything in Its Own Time” from Shaming of the Sun 1997

Indigo Girls “Go” from Come On Now Social 1999

Indigo Girls “Cold Beer And Remote Control” from Come On Now Social 1999

Indigo Girls “Deconstruction” from Become You 2002

Indigo Girls “Bitter Root” from Become You 2002

Indigo Girls “All That We Let In” from All That We Let In 2004

Indigo Girls “Dairy Queen” from All That We Let In 2004

Indigo Girls “I Believe In Love” from Despite Our Differences (2-Disc Collector’s Edition) 2006

Indigo Girls “Dirt And Dead Ends” from Despite Our Differences (2-Disc Collector’s Edition) 2006

Indigo Girls “Digging For Your Dream” from Poseidon & The Bitter Bug 2009

Indigo Girls “Second Time Around” from Poseidon & The Bitter Bug 2009

Indigo Girls “War Rugs” from Beauty Queen Sister 2011

Indigo Girls “Feed And The Water Horses” from Beauty Queen Sister 2011

Indigo Girls “Happy In The Sorrow Key” from One Lost Day 2015

Indigo Girls “Southern California Is Your Girlfriend” from One Lost Day 2015

Indigo Girls “Look Long” from Look Long 2020

Volume 03 Episode 260 – Pride Showcase: Rob Halford

A Pride Month showcase featuring Rob Halford with selections from Judas Priest, Fight, 2wo, and Halford.

Air Date: 2023-06-13

Listen to the broadcast using the media player or download a copy through this link.

Judas Priest “Run of the Mill” from Rocka Rolla 1974

Judas Priest “Deceiver” from Sad Wings of Destiny 1976

Judas Priest “Dreamer Deceiver” from Sad Wings of Destiny 1976

Judas Priest “Dissident Aggressor” from Sin After Sin 1977

Judas Priest “Exciter” from Stained Class 1978

Judas Priest “Take on the World” from Hell Bent for Leather 1979

Judas Priest “Breaking the Law” from British Steel 1980

Judas Priest “Heading Out to the Highway” from Point of Entry 1981

Judas Priest “Another Thing Coming” from Screaming for Vengeance 1982

Judas Priest “Eat Me Alive” from Defenders of the Faith 1984

Judas Priest “Parental Guidance” from Turbo 1986

Judas Priest “Painkiller” from Painkiller 1990

Fight “Life In Black” from War Of Words 1993

Fight “Legacy Of Hate” from A Small Deadly Space 1995

2wo “I Am A Pig” from Voyeurs 1998

Halford “Silent Screams” from Resurrection 2000

Halford “Hearts Of Darkness” from Crucible 2002

Judas Priest “Hellrider” from Angel of Retribution 2005

Judas Priest “Future Of Mankind” from Nostradamus 2008

Judas Priest “Sword Of Damocles” from Redeemer Of Souls 2014

Judas Priest “Ram It Down” from Ram It Down 1988

Judas Priest “Never The Heroes” from Firepower 2018

Judas Priest “Diamonds and Rust” from Sin After Sin 1977 Original artist: Joan Baez

Black Sabbath “Paranoid” from Live with Rob Halford, Ozzfest, August 26, 2004 2004

Volume 03 Episode 259 – Pride Showcase: Coil

A celebration of LGBTQIA+ artists for Pride Month, showcasing the music of Coil.

Air Date: 2023-06-06

Listen to the broadcast using the media player above or download a copy through the link.

Coil “Panic” from Scatology 1985

Coil “Who by Fire” from Horse Rotorvator 1986Original artist: Leonard Cohen.

Coil “Blood From the Air” from Horse Rotorvator 1986

Coil “Windowpane” from Love’s Secret Domain (30th-anniversary edition) 2021Originally released in 1991.

Coil “Her Friends the Wolves” from Stolen & Contaminated Songs 1992

ELpH vs Coil “Decadent and Symmetrical” from Worship The Glitch 1995

Coil presents Black Light District “Blue Rats” from A Thousand Lights in a Darkened Room 1996

Time Machines “5-Methoxy-N, N-Dimethyltryptamine: (5-MeO-DMT)” from Time Machines 1998

Coil “The Sea Priestess” from Astral Disaster 1999

Coil “Strange Birds” from Musick to Play in the Dark, Volume 1 1999

Coil “Something” from Musick To Play In The Dark² 2000

Coil “Free Base Chakra” from Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil 2000

Coil “Remote Viewing 2” from The Remote Viewer 2002

Coil “All The Pretty Little Horses” from Black Antlers 2004

Coil “Teenage Lightning 2005” from The Ape Of Naples 2005

Coil “Fire of the Green Dragon” from The New Backwards 2008

Time Machines “4-Indolol, 3-[2-(Dimethylamino)Ethyl], Phosphate Ester: (Psilocybin)” from Time Machines 1998

Volume 03 Episode 258 – Rock of Ages

A tribute to my wife, Amy B. Collins, with selections from Judy Collins, Simon and Garfunkel, Indigo Girls, Yusuf, Colin Hay, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Tracy Chapman, The Mountain Goats, The Front Bottoms, Ezra Furman, Du Blonde, Tove Lo, Florence And The Machine, MC Lars, Morphine, Les Miserables, Alanis Morissette, Peggy Lee, Gotye, Crowded House, Weezer, Rancid, Garmarna, Like Swimming, Dar Williams, and Krishna Das.

Air Date: 2023-05-23

Listen to the broadcast using the media player above, or download a copy through this link.

Amy B Collins “Ambassador (to the Muse)” from Escorted from the Royal Castle – EP 2006

Judy Collins “Both Sides Now” from Wildflowers 1967

Simon & Garfunkel “the 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)” from Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme 1966

Indigo Girls “Love’s Recovery” from Indigo Girls 1989

Yusuf “Father And Son” from Tea for the Tillerman 1970

Colin Hay “Beautiful World” from Music From [Scrubs] 2002

Toad the Wet Sprocket “Walk on the Ocean” from Fear 1991

Tracy Chapman “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution” from Get Up! Stand Up! Highlights from the Human Rights Concerts 1986-1998 2013Recorded on the “Human Rights Now!” tour of 1988

Amy B Collins “Hard (Not Trusting)” from Escorted from the Royal Castle – EP 2006

The Mountain Goats “This Year” from The Sunset Tree 2005

The Front Bottoms “Father” from The Front Bottoms 2011

Ezra Furman “Body Was Made” from Perpetual Motion People 2015

Du Blonde “Medicated (feat. Shirley Manson)” from Homecoming 2021

Tove Lo “Grapefruit” from Dirt Femme 2022

Florence And The Machine “Free” from Dance Fever 2022

MC Lars “Hipster Girl” from This Gigantic Robot Kills 2009

Amy B Collins “Hidden” from Escorted from the Royal Castle – EP 2006

Morphine “I’m Free Now” from Cure For Pain 1993

Les Miserables “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables: Original Broadway Cast Recording 1987

Alanis Morissette “Losing The Plot” from Such Pretty Forks In The Road 2020

Peggy Lee “Fever” from Fever 1958Original artist: Little Willie John

Gotye “Somebody I Used To Know” from Making Mirrors 2011

Crowded House “Weather With You” from Woodface 1991

Weezer “1 More Hit” from Van Weezer 2021

Rancid “Ruby Soho” from …And Out Come The Wolves 1995

Amy B Collins “Pagan Lullaby” from Escorted from the Royal Castle – EP 2006

Garmarna “Euchari / Eucharius” from Hildegard von Bingen 2001

Like Swimming “Go Buffalo” from Structures 2014

Dar Williams “As Cool As I Am” from Mortal City 1996

Krishna Das “4AM Hanuman Chalisa” from Kirtan Wallah 2014

Volume 03 Episode 257 – Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot

A tribute to Gordon Lightfoot featuring his original recordings and selections from The Guess Who, Moxy Fruvous, Grateful Dead, Peter, Paul and Mary, Jimmy Buffett, Johnny Cash, George Hamilton IV, Arbouretum, Mac Wiseman, The Northerly Gales, and The Smithereens.

Air Date: 2023-05-09

Listen to the broadcast using the media player above or download a copy through this link.

The Guess Who “Light Foot” from Wheatfield Soul 1969

Gordon Lightfoot “Ribbon Of Darkness” from Lightfoot 1966

Gordon Lightfoot “Song For A Winter’s Night” from The Way I Feel 1967

Gordon Lightfoot “The Last Time I Saw Her” from Did She Mention My Name 1968

Gordon Lightfoot “Cold Hands From New York” from Back Here On Earth 1968

Gordon Lightfoot “Cobwebs & Dust” from Sit Down Young Stranger 1970

Gordon Lightfoot “Summer Side Of Life” from Summer Side Of Life 1971

Gordon Lightfoot “Second Cup Of Coffee” from Don Quixote 1972

Gordon Lightfoot “That Same Old Obsession” from Old Dan’s Records 1972

Gordon Lightfoot “Seven Island Suite” from Sundown 1974

Gordon Lightfoot “The Soul Is The Rock” from Cold On The Shoulder 1975

Gordon Lightfoot “Too Many Clues In This Room” from Summertime Dream 1976

Gordon Lightfoot “Songs The Minstrel Sang” from Endless Wire 1978

Moxy Früvous “Gord’s Gold” from The B Album 1996

Grateful Dead “Early Morning Rain” from The Golden Road 2001 Original artist: Gordon Lightfoot.

Peter, Paul and Mary “For Lovin’ Me” from A Song Will Rise 1965 Original artist: Gordon Lightfoot.

Jimmy Buffett “Lightfoot (Narration)” from Buried Treasure: Volume One 2017 Original artist: Gordon Lightfoot.

Jimmy Buffett “The Circle Is Small” from Buried Treasure: Volume One 2017 Original artist: Gordon Lightfoot.

Johnny Cash “If You Could Read My Mind” from American V: A Hundred Highways 2006 Original artist: Gordon Lightfoot.

George Hamilton IV “Canadian Railroad Trilogy” from Gentle Country Sound Of George Hamilton IV 1968 Original artist: Gordon Lightfoot.

Arbouretum “Carefree Highway” from A Gourd Of Gold 2013 Original artist: Gordon Lightfoot.

Arbouretum “The Wreck Of The Edmond Fitzgerald” from A Gourd Of Gold 2013 Original artist: Gordon Lightfoot.

Mac Wiseman “Rainy Day People” from Mac Wiseman Sings Gordon Lightfoot 1977 Original artist: Gordon Lightfoot.

The Northerly Gales “Summer Side of Life” from Road Back Home 2022 Original artist: Gordon Lightfoot.

The Smithereens “Sundown (Unreleased Demo)” from God Save the Smithereens [Deluxe Edition] 2005 Original artist: Gordon Lightfoot.

Gordon Lightfoot “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” from Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues / Ribbon Of Darkness 1965 Original artist: Bob Dylan.

Gordon Lightfoot “Ballad of Yarmouth Castle” from Sunday Concert 1969 Recorded March 1969, Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada.

Gordon Lightfoot “Pussy Willows, Cat-Tails” from Sunday Concert 1969 Recorded March 1969, Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada.

Volume 03 Episode 256 – Seen a Dead Man Walkin’

Selections from Fantastic Negrito, Margo Price, Bob Dylan, Maria McKee, Ali Farka Touré, Nancy Sinatra, Elvis Costello and The Attractions, Hinds, Fever Ray, Lotus, Billie Eilish, Broken Bells, Ladytron, Duran Duran, North By North, Julian Plenti, Dantalian’s Chariot, Frank Zappa, Quintessence, Supergrass, Ocean Colour Scene, Landing, Long Night, and Pallbearer.

Air Date: 2023-05-02

Listen to the broadcast using the media player above or download a copy through this link.

Fantastic Negrito “They Go Low” from Grandfather Courage (Acoustic) 2023 N

Margo Price “Sweet Revenge” from Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows: Songs of John Prine, Vol. 2 2021 V/A Original artist: John Prine

Bob Dylan “Can’t Wait (Version 1)” from Fragments – Time Out of Mind Sessions (1996-1997): The Bootleg Series, Vol. 17 (Deluxe Edition) 2023 N

Maria McKee “I Should Have Looked Away” from La Vita Nuova 2020

Ali Farka Touré “Bandolobourou (Feat. Oumou Sangare)” from Voyageur 2023 N

Nancy Sinatra “You Only Live Twice” from You Only Live Twice 1967

Elvis Costello & The Attractions “Accidents Will Happen” from Armed Forces (Remastered 2020) 2020 Originally released in 1979

Hinds “Riding Solo” from The Prettiest Curse 2020

Fever Ray “Carbon Dioxide” from Radical Romantics 2023 N

Billie Eilish “Wish You Were Gay” from When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? 2019

Broken Bells “After the Disco” from After the Disco 2014

Lotus “When Our Nerves No Longer Twitch” from Eat The Light 2016

Ladytron “City Of Angels” from Time’s Arrow 2023 N

Duran Duran “Faith In This Colour (Alternate Slow Mix)” from Is There Something I Should Know? 1983

North By North “Hiss Hiss Rattle” from Get Weird 2020

Julian Plenti “Skyscraper” from Julian Plenti Is Skyscraper 2009

Dantalian’s Chariot “Madman Running Through The Fields” from British Mod Sounds Volume 2 (The Freakbeat & Psych Years) 2023 N V/A Originally released as a single in 1967.

Frank Zappa “Minimal Art (Eat That Question – Version 1, Take 2)” from Waka / Wazoo 2022

Quintessence “Cosmic Surfer” from Deviation Street (High Tides In Ladbroke Grove 1967-1975) 2023 N V/A Originally released in 1972 on “Self”.

Supergrass “In It For The Money [Reading Festival, 1998.08.29]” from The Strange Ones 2020

Ocean Colour Scene “Day Tripper (Live, Electric Ballrooom, 9 May 1996)” from Yesterday Today 1992 – 2018 2023 N Original artist: The Beatles.

Ocean Colour Scene “Talk On” from Yesterday Today 1992 – 2018 – Disc 01 Ocean Colour Scene – 1992 2023 N Originally released in 1992 on “Ocean Colour Scene”.

Landing “Bright” from Bells In New Towns 2018

Long Night “Dying” from Miscellanies 2023 N Originally released in 2020 on “Tick Tock”.

Pallbearer “Caledonia” from Forgotten Days 2020

Volume 03 Episode 255 – 30 Years Ago

Selections from Moxy Früvous, Smashing Pumpkins, Cracker, Butthole Surfers, The Breeders, Nirvana, Tool, U2, Digable Planets, Morphine, Björk, Kate Bush, 10,000 Maniacs, Duran Duran, Dead Can Dance, Ren and Stimpy, Meat Loaf, Rush, Big Country, James, Pearl Jam, Pixies, Belly, and Radiohead.

Air Date: 2023-04-25

Listen to the broadcast using the media player above or download a copy through this link.

Moxy Fruvous “Stuck In the 90’s” from Bargainville 1993

Smashing Pumpkins “Cherub rock” from Siamese Dream 1993

Cracker “Low” from Kerosene Hat 1993

Butthole Surfers “Who Was In My Room Last Night?” from Independent Worm Saloon 1993

The Breeders “Cannonball” from Last Splash 1993

Nirvana “Rape Me” from In Utero 1993

Tool “Sober” from Undertow 1993

U2 “Zooropa” from Zooropa 1993

Digable Planets “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)” from Reachin’ (A New Refutation of Time and Space) 1993

Morphine “Cure For Pain” from Cure For Pain 1993

Björk “Human Behaviour” from Debut 1993

Kate Bush “The Red Shoes” from The Red Shoes 1993

10,000 Maniacs “Because The Night” from MTV Unplugged 1993

Duran Duran “Ordinary World” from Duran Duran 1993

Dead Can Dance “How Fortunate The Man With None” from Into the Labyrinth 1993

Ren & Stimpy “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy” from You Eediot! 1993

Meat Loaf “Life Is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back” from Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell 1993

Rush “Nobody’s Hero” from Counterparts 1993

Big Country “The Selling of America” from The Buffalo Skinners 1993

James “Laid” from Laid 1993

Pearl Jam “Daughter” from Vs. 1993

Pixies “Monkey Gone to Heaven” from Doolittle 1993

Belly “Feed The Tree” from Star 1993

Radiohead “Creep” from Pablo Honey 1993

Volume 03 Episode 244 – A Black Shrouded Hunter

Selections from Country Joe and the Fish, Suzi Quatro, The Score, Built to Spill, Soul Asylum, Gensis, Randy Brecker, Krustin x Grohl, Mazzy Star, Billy Corgan, Poldoore, Gruff Rhys, Talk Talk, Of Monsters and Men, Miss Grit, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Guided by Voiced, The Sunshine Fix, 3rd Bass, Tour-Mauborg, Hiroshi and Claudia, Rodrigy y Gabriela, Hidden Orchestra, and Strings of Consciousness.

Air Date: 2023-04-18

Listen to the broadcast using the media player above or download a copy through this link.

Country Joe And The Fish “Death Sound Blues” from Electric Music for the Mind and Body 1967

Suzi Quatro “Devil Gate Drive” from Quatro 1974

The Score “Please Please Me” from Please Please Me 1966 Original artist: The Beatles.

Built to Spill “So” from Untethered Moon 2015

Soul Asylum “Summer of Drugs” from Sweet Relief – A Benefit for Victoria Williams 1993 Original artist: Victoria Williams.

Genesis “That’s All (Live at Wembley Stadium, London, UK, 1987) – Genesis” from BBC Broadcasts 2023 N

Randy Brecker “Morning Song” from Jazz Trumpet Talents 2023 N V/AOriginally released in 1970 on “Score”.

Kurstin x Grohl “At Seventeen (feat. Violet Grohl)” from The Hanukkah Sessions 2022 2023Original artist: Janis Ian.

Mazzy Star “Fade Into You” from The Best Valentines Album In The World…Ever! 2023 N V/A Originally released in 1993 on “So Tonight That I Might See”.

Billy Corgan “The Cameraeye” from TheFutureEmbrace 2005

Poldoore “Fading Love” from Soft Focus 2022

Gruff Rhys “The Brain and the Body” from The Almond & the Seahorse (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2023 N

Talk Talk “It’s My Life (Extended Mix)” from It’s My Life (Extended Mix) 1984

Of Monsters and Men “Winter Sound (Bonus Track)” from Beneath The Skin (Deluxe) 2015

Miss Grit “Like You” from Follow the Cyborg 2023 N

Miss Grit “Nothing’s Wrong” from Follow the Cyborg 2023 N

The Brian Jonestown Massacre “Nothing Can Stop The Sound” from The Future Is Your Past 2023 N

Guided By Voices “Slowly on the Wheel” from La La Land 2023 N

The Sunshine Fix “Future History and the Irrelevance of Time” from The Future History of a Sunshine Fix 2001

3rd Bass “The Gas Face (Radio Edit)” from The Gas Face 1989

Tour-Maubourg “I Never Will” from Spaces of Silence 2023 N

Hiroshi & Claudia “This Early Broadminded’s Emptiness” from Six To Six 1979

Rodrigo Y Gabriela “Captain Casanova” from Live Manchester And Dublin 2004 Recorded live in Dublin, Ireland at Christchurch Cathedral, on 2003-12-02.

Hidden Orchestra “Reminder” from Archipelago 2012

Strings Of Consciousness “While The Sun Burns Out Another Sun” from Our Moon Is Full 2007