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With just a few frigid days remaining in 2017, WESU is looking forward to warming things up in 2018. So far, we’ve raised 2/3rd of our pledge drive goal directly though community support. Our brand new FM transmitter was delivered yesterday and Wesleyan’s Office of Academic Affairs has generously offered a matching donation of $5,000 to help us close out this drive!

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WESU Middletown is in its Fall/Winter Pledge Drive, and I’m asking all my friends to show their support for our local, community radio station. The media landscape across all broadcast mediums is nightmarish. Disney is acquiring its major rival, thus consolidating a massive amount of popular television and film in the hands of one corporation. The FCC has destroyed net neutrality, granting a small number of companies the ability to limit public access to content on the internet with no consequences. Roll backs of regulations have allowed an elite number of corporations to acquire more and more radio and television stations as well as publications in one market, flattening all viewpoints into one commercially sound product.

Public radio is one of the last bastions of citizen access to a broadcast medium. At WESU Middletown, students and community members come together to share rare music, dissenting opinions, and neglected news stories. BUT…WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Please donate now, and keep free form radio free

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Wonderland: 2017-12-16 Volume 02 Episode 129

The second of a two part tribute to the musicians who passed in 2017.

(Listen to the broadcast using the media player above or download a copy through this link.)

The Smithereens “Behind The Wall Of Sleep” from Especially For You [1992 Reissue] (1992) — Originally released in 1986

Glen Campbell “Everybody’s Talkin'” from Adiós (2017) New — Original artist: Fred Neil

Tom Petty “Wake Up Time” from Wildflowers (1994)

Alice Cooper “Only Women Bleed” from Welcome to My Nightmare (1975)

Steppenwolf “Renegade” from Seven (1970)

Hawkwind “Space Is Deep” from Doremi Fasol Latido (1972)

Grant Hart “Run For The Wilderness” from The Argument (2013)

Hüsker Dü “Keep Hanging On” from Flip Your Wig (1985)

Streetheart “Drugstore Dancer” from Drugstore Dancer (1980)

Molly Hatchet “Penthouse Pauper” from Beatin’ the Odds (1980) — Original artist: Creedence Clearwater Revival

AC/DC “Little Lover” from High Voltage (2003 Remaster) (2003) — Originally released in 1975

The Easybeats “Friday On My Mind” from Friday On My Mind (1966)

Little Barrie “Shoulders Up, Eyes Down” from Death Express (2017) New

Those Darlins “Repo Man” from A Tribute to Repo Man (2012) — Original artist: Iggy Pop

Tuxedomoon “No Tears” from The Best of Tuxedomoon: Solve Et Coagula (1993) — Originally released in 1978 on “No Tears”

Johnny Hallyday “Frankie Et Johnny” from Anthologie Volume 1 (1997) — Originally released in 1964

Fats Domino “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey” from Come Together: Black America Sings Lennon & McCartney (2011) — Original artist: The Beatles. Previously released as a single in 1969

Schoolhouse Rock! “I Got Six” from Schoolhouse Rock! (1996)

Thelonious Monk “Shuffle Boil (Retake)” from It’s Monk’s Time (2003) — Originally released in 1964

Holger Czukay “Persian Love” from Movie [2016 Reissue] (2016) — Originally released in 1979

Steely Dan “Dirty Work” from Can’t Buy a Thrill (1972)

Joe Cocker “Feeling Alright” from With A Little Help From My Friends [2015 Audio Fidelity Reissue] (2015) — Original artist: Traffic. Previously released in 1969.

Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band “Stay Away” from SPIN Presents Newermind: A Tribute Album (2011) — Original artist: Nirvana

Tower of Power “What Is Hip?” from The Funk Box (2000) — Originally released in 1973 on “Tower Of Power”

Prince “East” from N.E.W.S. (2003)

Wonderland: 2017-12-09 Volume 02 Episode 128

The first of a two part tribute to the musicians who passed in 2017.

(Listen to the broadcast using the media player above, or download an archived copy through this link.)

Vision “Again and Again” from In the Blink of An Eye [1997 Reissue] (1997) — Originally released in 1989

Hampton Grease Band “Maria” from Music to Eat [1996 Remaster] (1996) — Originally released in 1971

Egg “The Song Of McGillicudie The Pusillanimous (or Don’t Worry James, Your Socks Are Hanging In The Coal Cellar With Thomas)” from Egg [2008 Remaster] (2008) — Originally released in 1970

Soft Machine “Land Of The Bag Snake” from Bundles (1975)

Can “Mushroom” from The Singles (2017) New — Originally released in 1971 on “Tago Mago”

King Crimson “Book of Saturday” from Larks’ Tongues in Aspic [2012 Steve Wilson Remix] (2012) — Originally released in 1973

The Roches “Pretty and High” from The Roches (1979)

Chuck Berry “You Never Can Tell” from ICON (2011) — Originally released as a single in 1964

J. Geils Band “On Borrowed Time” from The J. Geils Band (1970)

The Allman Brothers Band “Revival” from Idlewild South (1970)

The Allman Brothers Band “Whipping Post” from The Allman Brothers Band (1969)

Them “Gloria” from The Collection: Them/Van Morrison (1992) — Originally released as a single in 1964

Mott The Hoople “Rock And Roll Queen” from The Atlantic Studio Album Collection: 1969-1971 (2014) — Originally released in 1969 on “Mott The Hoople”

Soundgarden “4th Of July” from Superunknown (1994)

Greg Kihn Band “The Break Up Song” from The Best Of Beserkley ’75 – ’84 (2012) — Originally released as a single in 1981

Game Theory “The Waist And The Knees” from Lolita Nation [2016 Deluxe Edition] (2016) — Originally released in 1987

Mazzy Star “Mary Of Silence” from So Tonight That I Might See (1993)

Mark Lanegan Band “Gray Goes Black” from Blues Funeral (2012)

The Afghan Whigs “Oriole” from In Spades (2017)

Greg Trooper “Sometimes It Takes A Hurricane” from Straight Down Rain (2001)

David Axelrod “The Smile” from Song of Innocence (1969)

William Onyeabor “Heaven And Hell” from World Psychedelic Classics Vol. 5: Who is William Onyeabor? (2013) — Originally released in 1977 on “Crashes In Love”

The Beat “Hands Off She’s Mine” from B.P.M … Beats.Per.Minute (1996) — Originally released in 1980 on “I Just Can’t Stop It”

Sister Sledge “Lost in Music” from We Are Family (Deluxe Edition) (1995) — Originally released in 1979

The Main Ingredient “Everybody Plays The Fool” from Ultimate Soul (2017) — Originally released as a single in 1972

Jamiroquai “Virtual Insanity” from Travelling Without Moving (1996)

Funkadelic “Who Says A Funk Band Can’t Play Rock?” from One Nation Under A Groove [2002 Remaster] (2002) — Originally released in 1978

Wonderland: 2017-12-02 Volume 02 Episode 127

Listen to the broadcast using the media player above or download a copy through this link.

Doom Side Of The Moon “Speak To Me” from Doom Side Of The Moon (2017) New — Original artist: Pink Floyd

Doom Side Of The Moon “Breathe (In The Air)” from Doom Side Of The Moon (2017) New — Original artist: Pink Floyd

Daniel Romano “The Pride Of Queens” from Modern Pressure (2017) New

The Rolling Stones “Bitch” from Ladies & Gentlemen (2017) New — Recorded live in 1972 in Texas during the “Exile on Main St.” tour

Cherry Glazerr “Moon Dust” from Apocalipstick (2017)

Queens of the Stone Age “The Evil Has Landed” from Villains (2017) New

Local H “All The Kids Are Right” from Pack Up The Cats (1998)

Broken Social Scene “Vanity Pail Kids” from Hug Of Thunder (2017) New

Justin Timberlake “Murder” from The 20/20 Experience (2 Of 2) (2013)

Sparks “Bummer” from Hippopotamus (2017) New

Charlotte Gainsbourg “Deadly Valentine” from Rest (2017) New

Mux Mool “Love Song” from Implied Lines (Deluxe) (2017) New

Rococode “Is It Real” from Young Ones (2017) New

Michael Nesmith and The Second National Band “She Thinks I Still Care” from Tantamount To Treason Volume One (1972) — Originally recorded by George Jones. Written by Dickey Lee and Steve Duffy

Hiss Golden Messenger “Harder Rain” from Hallelujah Anyhow (2017) New

Trevor Sensor “It Wasn’t Good Enough” from Andy Warhol’s Dream (2017) New

Spacemen 3 “Lord Can You Hear Me?” from Late Night Tales: MGMT (2011) — Originally released in 1988 on “Playing With Fire”

Drugdealer “Easy to Forget (Feat. Ariel Pink)” from The End of Comedy (2016)

Dave Depper “I’m Gonna Crawl” from From the Land of the Ice and Snow – The Songs of Led Zeppelin (2010) — Original artist: Led Zeppelin

Modest Mouse “Paper Thin Walls” from The Moon & Antarctica (2000)

Radiohead “Pearly” from OK COMPUTER OKNOTOK 1997 2017 (2017) New — Originally released in 1988 on “Airbag / How Am I Driving?”

Prince And The Revolution “Purple Rain (7″ Single Edit)” from Purple Rain [2017 Reissue] New — Originally released in 1984

Editors “Marching Orders” from In Dream (2015)

Swans “In” from The Great Annihilator – Drainland [2017 Reissue] (2017) — Originally released in 1994 on “The Great Annihilator”

Billy Woods “Cheap Shoes” from Known Unknowns (2017) New

Chance The Rapper “All Night feat Knox Fortune” from Coloring Book Mixtape (2016)

Tinariwen “Nànnuflày” from Elwan (2017)

Wonderland: 2017-11-25 Volume 02 Episode 126

(Listen to the broadcast using the media player above or download it through this link.)

Tonio K. “One Big (Happy) Family” from Amerika (1980)

“Weird Al” Yankovic “Happy Birthday” from Squeeze Box (2017) New — Originally released in 1983 on “”Weird Al” Yankovic”

The B-52’s “52 Girls” from The B-52’s (1979)

“Weird Al” Yankovic “Mr. Popeil” from Squeeze Box (2017) New — Originally released in 1984 on “In 3-D”

Devo “4th Dimension” from Shout (1984)

“Weird Al” Yankovic “Dare to be Stupid” from Squeeze Box (2017) New — Originally released in 1985 on “Dare to Be Stupid”

Talking Heads “Once In A Lifetime” from Remain In Light [2006 Reissue] (2006) — Originally released in 1980

“Weird Al” Yankovic “Dog Eat Dog” from Squeeze Box – Disc 04 – 1986 – Polka Party! (2017) New — Originally released in 1986 on “Polka Party!”

Oingo Boingo “Private Life” from The Best Of Oingo Boingo: 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection (2002) — Originally released in 1982 on “Nothing To Fear”

“Weird Al” Yankovic “You Make Me” from Squeeze Box (2017) New — Originally released in 1988 on “Even Worse”

The Blues Brothers “Sweet Home Chicago” from The Blues Brothers (Original Soundtrack Recording) (1980)

“Weird Al” Yankovic “Generic Blues” from Squeeze Box (2017) New — Originally released in 1989 on “UHF Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Other Stuff”

Jan and Dean “The Little Old Lady From Pasadena” from The Little Old Lady From Pasadena (1964)

“Weird Al” Yankovic “Trigger Happy” from Squeeze Box (2017) New — Originally released in 1992 on “Off the Deep End”

AC/DC “Squealer” from Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (2003 Remaster) (2003) — Originally released in 1976

“Weird Al” Yankovic “Young, Dumb & Ugly” from Squeeze Box (2017) New — Originally released in 1993 on “Alapalooza”

They Might Be Giants “See the Constellation” from Apollo 18 (1992)

“Weird Al” Yankovic “Everything You Know is Wrong” from Squeeze Box (2017) New — Originally released in 1996 on “Bad Hair Day”

Nine Inch Nails “The Wretched” from The Fragile (2017 Definitive Edition) (2017) — Originally released in 1999

“Weird Al” Yankovic “Germs” from Squeeze Box (2017) New

Frank Zappa “In France [Remix]” from Have I Offended Someone? (1997) — Originally released in 1984 on “Them Or Us”

“Weird Al” Yankovic “Genius in France” from Squeeze Box (2017) New — Originally released in 2003 on “Poodle Hat”

Cake “Short Skirt/Long Jacket” from Comfort Eagle (2001)

“Weird Al” Yankovic “Close But No Cigar” from Squeeze Box (2017) New — Originally released in 2006 on “Straight Outta Lynwood”

The White Stripes “Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground” from Under Blackpool Lights (2004) — Recorded at The Empress Ballroom at the Winter Gardens in the English seaside resort of Blackpool on January 27 and 28, 2004

“Weird Al” Yankovic “CNR” from Squeeze Box (2017) New — Originally released in 2011 on “Alpocalypse”

Southern Culture On The Skids “White Trash” from Beavis & Butthead Do America: Original Soundtrack (1996) — Originally released in 1995 on “Dirt Track Date”

“Weird Al” Yankovic “Lame Claim to Fame” from Squeeze Box (2017) New — Originally released in 2014 on “Mandatory Fun”

Wonderland: 2017-11-18 Volume 02 Episode 125

(Listen to the broadcast using the player above or download a copy from this link.)

The Sweet “Fox On The Run” from Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2: Awesome Mix Vol. 2 (2017) — Originally released in 1974 on “Desolation Boulevard”

Madness “Mumbo Jumbo” from Can’t Touch Us Now (2016)

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats “Wasting Time” from Live At Red Rocks (2017) New — Recorded at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on August 21st, 2016.

Grateful Dead “Black Muddy River (Live at R.F.K. Stadium, Washington D.C. 7/12/89)” from 1989/07/12-13 R.F.K. Stadium Washington D.C. 1989 (Live) (2017) New

Screaming Females “Wishing Well” from Start Your Own Fucking Show Space (2016) — Recorded at Death by Audio, November 2014

Grand Ole Party “Under Our Skin” from Under Our Skin (2011)

The Like “Under The Paving Stones” from Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking (2005)

Winston Marshall & Kodiak Blue and Shura “Althea” from Day of the Dead (2016) — Original artist: Grateful Dead

Puscifer “Simultaneous” from Money Shot (2015)

A Perfect Circle “A Stranger” from Thirteenth Step (2003)

Sia “Reaper” from This is Acting (2016)

Christine Owman “Away Away Away” from When On Fire (2016)

The National “Heavenfaced” from Trouble Will Find Me (2013)

The National “Son” from The National (2001)

Barry Adamson “The Vibes Ain’t Nothin’ But The Vibes” from Oedipus Schmoedipus (1996)

Wax Fang “Decathect” from Victory Laps (2017)

Matt Berry “Gone For Good” from The Small Hours (2016)

Thea Gilmore “New” from The Counterweight (Deluxe) (2017) New

Kevin Devine “I Was Alive Back Then” from Instigator (2016)

The Clientele “North Circular Days” from Music For The Age Of Miracles (2017) New

The Clientele “The Age of Miracles” from Music For The Age Of Miracles (2017) New

Forest Swords “Arms Out” from Compassion (2017) New

Kila “Oh To Kiss Katie” from Tog E Go Bog E (1997)

Damh The Bard “Voyage of Bran” from The Hills They Are Hollow (2005)

Noveller “The Unveiling” from A Pink Sunset for No One (2017)

Noveller “Trails And Trials” from A Pink Sunset for No One (2017)

Wonderland: 2017-11-11 Volume 02 Episode 124

(Listen to the broadcast using the media player above or download a copy through this link.)

Manfred Mann “Pretty Flamingo” from Pretty Flamingo (1966)

Bob Dylan “Gotta Serve Somebody” from Trouble No More: The Bootleg Series Vol. 13 / 1979-1981 (2017) New — Recorded November 15th, 1979

Jethro Tull “Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day (Live In Concert 1977) [Jakko Jakszyk Stereo Remix]” from Songs From The Wood [40th Anniversary Edition] New — Recorded at the Boston Garden, Boston, MA, December 6th, 1977

David Bowie “Space Oddity (Live)” from Cracked Actor (Live Los Angeles ’74) (2017) — Recorded September 5, 1974 at the Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA

Earth “Rise To Glory” from The Bees Made Honey In the Lion’s Skull (2008)

Primus “The Storm” from The Desaturating Seven (2017) New

Ride “White Sands” from Weather Diaries (2017) New

The Chosen Few “People Make The World Go Round” from Late Night Tales: Badbadnotgood (2017) New — Originally released in 1973 on “Hit After Hit”. Original artist: The Stylistics

Erykah Badu “Phone Down” from But You Caint Use My Phone (2015)

Janelle Monáe “Q.U.E.E.N. (Featuring Erykah Badu)” from The Electric Lady – Suites IV and V (Deluxe Edition) (2013)

Mew “Twist Quest” from Visuals (2017) New

Cornershop “Readers’ Wives (feat. The Mike Flowers Pops)” from Hold the Corner EP (2016)

Drive-By Truckers “Surrender Under Protest” from Live In Studio · New York, NY · 07/12/16 (2017)

Brian Wilson “Heroes And Villains (Remastered)” from Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology (2017) New — Originally released as a single in 1967

Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox “Say It Ain’t So (feat. Dani Armstrong)” from New Gramophone, Who Dis? (2017) New — Original artist: Weezer

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “The Weeping Song” from Lovely Creatures: The Best Of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds (1984-2014) (2017) New — Originally released in 1990 on “The Good Son”

Sun Kil Moon “Sick Again” from MOJO Presents Physical Graffiti Redrawn (2015) — Original artist: Led Zeppelin

Warren Zevon “Prison Grove” from The Wind (2003)

My Morning Jacket “In Its Infancy (The Waterfall)” from The Waterfall [Deluxe Edition] (2015)

Pink Floyd “See Saw” from A Saucerful of Secrets [2011 Remaster] (2011) — Originally released in 1968

King Crimson “The Construkction of Light” from Official Bootleg: Live In Chicago, June 28th, 2017 (2017) New

Harmonia Ensemble “Son Of Mr. Green Genes” from Harmonia Meets Zappa (1994) — Original artist: Frank Zappa

Avishai Cohen Trio “Pinzin Kinzin” from Gently Disturbed (2008)

Wonderland: 2017-11-04 Volume 02 Episode 123

(Listen to the broadcast using the media player above or download a copy through this link.)

PONY “My Only One” from CRUSHED (2015)

The Chills “I’ll Only See You Alone Again” from Kaleidoscope World (2016) — Originally released as a single in 1987

The Shins “Cherry Hearts” from Heartworms (2017)

Super Furry Animals “Back On A Roll” from Love Kraft (2005)

Tegan and Sara “Floorplan” from The Con (2007)

Hollow Everdaze “Out Your Window” from Cartoons (2017) New

Electric Eye “Never Fade Away” from Different Sun (2016)

Chris Knox “Not Given Lightly” from Seizure (1989)

The Smiths “Bigmouth Strikes Again” from The Queen Is Dead (2017 Remaster) [Deluxe Edition] (2017) New — Originally released in 1986

Erykah Badu “Hello (featuring Andre 3000)” from But You Caint Use My Phone (2015)

Ocote Soul Sounds and Adrian Quesada “Look Sharp” from El Nino Y El Sol (2004)

A Tribe Called Quest “The Donald” from We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service (2016)

King Krule “The Locomotive” from The OOZ (2017) New

Tindersticks “People Keep Comin’ Around” from Can Our Love (2001)

David Bowie “It’s Gonna Be Me (Live)” from Cracked Actor (Live Los Angeles ’74) (2017) New — Recorded September 5, 1974 at the Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA

George Michael “Praying for Time (MTV Unplugged)” from Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1 + MTV Unplugged (2017 Deluxe Edition) (2017) New

My Morning Jacket “By My Car” from The Tennessee Fire (1999)

Ty Segall “Orange Color Queen” from Ty Segall (2017)

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros “Let It Down” from PersonA (2016)

Gentle Giant “Nothing at All (Steven’s 7 Inch Edit) [Steven Wilson Mix]” from Three Piece Suite (Steven Wilson Mix) (2017) New — Originally released in 1970 on “Gentle Giant”

Apocalyptica “Hall Of The Mountain King” from Cult (2000)

Melody’s Echo Chamber “Is That What You Said” from Melody’s Echo Chamber (2012)

UNKLE “Nowhere To Run/Bandits” from The Road: Part I [Deluxe] (2017) New

Radiohead “Like spinning plates” from Amnesiac (2001)

Earthling Society “Pomegranates” from Crooked Under Moonlight (2017) New

Jorrit Dijkstra “Brushes” from La Nébuleuse Continentale (2003)

Wonderland 2017-10-28: Volume 02 Episode 122

(Listen to the broadcast using the media player above or download an archived copy through this link.)

Turkuaz “Future 86” from Future 86 (2014)

Flo & Eddie “Goodbye Surprise” from The Phlorescent Leech And Eddie (1972)

Traffic “Hole In My Shoe [1967]” from British Invasion (2017) New — Originally released as a single in 1967

Vamp “Floatin'” from Dig That Underground Sound! (2014) — Originally released as a single in 1968

Patti Smith “Gloria” from Horses [30th Anniversary Legacy Edition] (2005) — Recorded June 25, 2005, Royal Festival Hall, London, England

Grinderman “Mickey Mouse And The Goodbye Man” from Grinderman 2 (2010)

D@MN JOKeR “July” from Black Devil: Elephant (2017) New

Nostalgia 77 “An Angel With No Halo” from A Journey Too Far (2014)

Max Richter “The Escape” from Out Of The Dark Room (2017) New — Originally released in 2010 on “Elle S’Appelait Sarah – Bande Originale”

James Blackshaw “Cross” from The Glass Bead Game (2009)

Ex Eye “Form Constant; The Grid” from Ex Eye (2017) New

Quantum Trio “Light Years” from Duality: Particles & Waves (2017)

Hurray for the Riff Raff “Entrance” from The Navigator (2017)

Sister Crayon “The Bewlay Brothers” from We Were So Turned On: A Tribute To David Bowie (2010) — Original artist: David Bowie

Of Monsters and Men “Hunger” from Beneath the Skin

Perfume Genius “Die 4 You” from No Shape (2017) New

Marika Hackman “Claude’s Girl” from We Slept at Last (2015)

The Czars “Leavin’ On Your Mind” from Sorry I Made You Cry (2005) — Original artist: Patsy Cline

Beck “Lost Cause” from Sea Change (2002)

Beck “Fix Me” from Colors (2017) New

Car Seat Headrest “I Wanna Sweat” from Nervous Young Man (2013)

Them Crooked Vultures “Caligulove” from Them Crooked Vultures (2009)

Foo Fighters “The Sky Is A Neighborhood” from Concrete and Gold (2017) New

Queens of the Stone Age “Un-Reborn Again” from Villains (2017) New

Swans “Eden Prison” from My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky (2010)