Volume 03 Episode 117 – Cover to Cover: Master of Puppets

Air Date: 2020-09-29

Listen to the broadcast using the media player above or download a copy through this link.

Ensiferum “Battery” from A Tribute To Metallica 2020 N V/A Previously released in 2004 on the single “Tale of Revenge”

Trivium “Master of Puppets” from Ascendancy (Special Edition) 2006

Primus “The Thing That Should Not Be” from Rhinoplasty 1998

Thunderstone “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” from The Burning 2004

Parthian Shot “Disposable Heroes” from And Covers For All (A Greek Tribute To Metallica) 2013 V/A

POEM “Leper Messiah” from Greek Masters Of Puppets 2016 V/A

Mastodon “Orion” from Medium Rarities 2020 N Previously released on the 2008 anthology “Mastodon”

Dream Theater “Damage, Inc.” from Master Of Puppets 2004 Recorded live at Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain on February 19th 2002

The Association “Never My Love” from Insight Out 1967